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prior to the final practical examination on 15th October 2011.  Both students were tested non-stop for an hour and a half on their Judo knowledge and skill, ending with a 15 minute randori session.

William and Stephen received the result of their grading on 29th October 2011, and were delighted to find they had both passed.  They were awarded their Diplomas and Black Belts by Eurokwai Chief Instructor and Examiner Gary Murray, 5th Dan.

In Memory of

Sensei Percival (Percy) Yasushi Sekine

8th Dan Kodokan, 9th Dan BJA

who sadly passed away, aged 90, on 15th October 2010

Sensei Sekine, although Japanese was in fact born in London, and a unique feature of  his circumstances was the fact that during World War II he served with distinction in THE ROYAL AIRFORCE, as a Radio Operator/Gunner in fighter bombers. He was shot down and captured by the Germans and spent the rest of the war in a P.O.W. Camp where he organised Judo training and tournaments. However that all came to an end when he attempted to escape disguised as a JAPANESE Officer. He was re-captured and transferred to a more secure facility where he caused chaos for his German guards.

Sensei Sekine was one of the most skilled Judoka in England, representing England at a time when there were no weight categories in international competitions. Weighing only nine and a half stone he was was regularly confronted by huge opponents. Despite his small stature he was never beaten during his competition days and after he retired in the sixties he became Manager of the English Team.

Eurokwai instructors Gary and Ben Murray spent many years developing their Judo skills under Sensei Sekine and today utilise several of his methods of teaching young Judo students.   

Percy Sekine was a unique, skilful Judoka and teacher of the ”old school” whose tuition assisted many on their journey to gaining their black belt.

A Funeral Service was held at Putney Vale Crematorium on Wednesday 3rd November 2010.

Obituary :  Daily Telegraph (19th October 2010)   

Eurokwai Martial Arts, Surrey |  JUDO in Egham  |  JU KI DO in Virginia Water

20th February 1920 - 15th October 2010

8th Dan Kodokan, 9th Dan BJA

October 2011 :

Double Junior Judo Black Belt Success

Eurokwai Martial Arts students William and Stephen, who have both been training and studying Judo at Eurokwai for over 7 years, have been promoted to the rank of 1st Dan Junior Black Belt following an intensive grading process.

William and Stephen’s grading has spanned a five month period, starting with the submission of a 1,500 word essay on the history of Judo.  They were then required to complete eight modules which included throws, holds, randori and self defence techniques, as well as a requirement to attend 6 consecutive weeks of lessons

Eurokwai Martial Arts, Surrey |  JUDO in Egham  |  JU KI DO in Virginia Water

August 2012 :

Visit to the London 2012 Olympics

On Thursday 2nd August 2012 Instructors from Eurokwai visited the Excel Centre in London to watch Judo at the London 2012 Olympics.

Whilst Eurokwai does not advocate competition Judo the day proved interesting in many ways, and our Instructors were pleased to see Gemma Gibbons executing a number of good traditional Judo throws to eventually win a Silver medal.

Eurokwai Martial Arts, Surrey |  JUDO in Egham  |  JU KI DO in Virginia Water

January 2013 : Black Belt JUDO Success

The new year got off to a flying start for Lizzy who has qualified for her Junior Black Belt in Judo.  A member of the Eurokwai Judo Club at Egham Leisure Centre for 8 years, Lizzy took part in an hour long grading examination which required her to demonstrate numerous traditional throw and grappling techniques, culminating in self defence against multiple male attackers.

Lizzy is a second generation member of Eurokwai, with her father and uncle having been members in the past.  She was presented with her certificate and belt by Chief Instructor Gary Murray on Saturday 12th January 2013.

The Club, now in its 37th year, accepts children from the age of 7, who undergo a 12 lesson beginners foundation course.

June 2014 : Eurokwai in the NEWS

Surrey Herald Newspaper  

Eurokwai prepares for 40th Anniversary

Windsor & Eton Express Newspaper

Chief Instructor Martial Arts Award

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Eurokwai is proud to support the Armed Forces Community through the Defence Discount Service - the only official Ministry of Defence Discount Service - by offering card holders a discount to 10% off Children's JUDO Courses and Membership.  

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2014 : Eurokwai supports the ARMED FORCES

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